Usability Evaluation Tool for Web Applications

The usability evaluation tool is meant to help UX practitioner to assess how easy a web application is ! The online application is available at :

After creating a project via creating “New Project”, fill in the required informatin for the project as shown below:

To get started, we need firstly to create a task model to describe how better shall interact with the system. This is done through creating a Task model as shown in the image below:


Once this is created. You need to integrate a scriplet of Javascipt code into your web applications to track users interaction with the website:

The third step is to invite users to test your applications in case you opted to track invited sessions only. Once the user have tested the system, you can see their traces and usage metrics based on the task model.

Here is an example for the user traces of a tester:

For the usage metrics computed for this user are shown below:

The overall usage metrics stats can be viewed at clicking the Usability Analysis link:

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