Usability Evaluation Dataset for the Moodle Platform

The dataset for usability evaluation concening the use of Moodule e-learning platform contains a set of 32 participants from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments across different universities. The age distribution of the teachers is between 26 and 65 years with an average of 39 years old. There are 23 male users and 9 females. 50\% of the participants are invited to conduct the experiment locally to test the e-learning application on a desktop computer having Windows 8. The rest of lecturers are being asked to use the e-learning platform remotely from their workplace through emailing them a special link with instructions of how to login. For the educational background of the participants, 15.6\% are professors and 40.6\% are senior lecturers who had already completed their PhD degrees. The rest of users are assistant lecturers who are still working towards the completion of their PhDs.

The dataset contains usage traces of all users interacting with the system in addition the SUS results.

We would like to thank all the university lecturers who were willing to participate in the e-learning usability project.

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