Investigating the Uptake of Educational Systems by Academics using the Technology to Performance Chain Model

A paper has been accepted recently for publication in the journal Library Hi Tech of Emerald. The paperĀ  assesses the acceptance and utilization of university lecturers for an online educational system using the technology-to-performance chain model. The evaluation process is conducted via ...Read More

Call for papers : Handbook of Research on Learner Experience and Usability in Online Education

Dear research colleagues We are calling for book chapters for the forthcoming publication entitled “Handbook of Research on Learner Experience and Usability in Online Education” to be published by IGI Global, an international publisher of progressive academic research. I would like to ...Read More

Evaluation Methods for E-Learning Applications in Terms of User Satisfaction and Interface Usability

Full chapter : The use of online technology has become ubiquitous and integral part of our daily life from education to entertainment. Because of the ubiquity of e-learning and vital influence for engineering the educational process, it is no surprise that ...Read More

Exploring user satisfaction for e-learning systems via usage-based metrics and system usability scale analysis

Full paper : The use of e-learning technology is incontestably recognized as an important and integral part of the educational process. Considerable research studies are carried out in order to apprehend how effective and usable e-learning systems. In this paper, an ...Read More

Usability Evaluation Tool for Web Applications

The usability evaluation tool is meant to help UX practitioner to assess how easy a web application is ! The online application is available at : After creating a project via creating “New Project”, fill in the required informatin for the ...Read More

Usability Evaluation Dataset for the Moodle Platform

The dataset for usability evaluation concening the use of Moodule e-learning platform contains a set of 32 participants from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments across different universities. The age distribution of the teachers is between 26 and 65 years with ...Read More

Automating the Evaluation of Usability Remotely for Web Applications via a Model-Based Approach

Usability for software systems has emerged as an integral part of the continuous commercial success of IT companies. This is partly due to the vital need to satisfy customers’ goals for systems becoming pervasive and ubiquitous within our daily life. In this ...Read More

Mockup-based Navigational Diagram for the Development of Interactive Web Applications

The web industry has evolved very rapidly since its beginning from read-only static content to fully interactive applications. As opposed to traditional software applications, the development of a web application is a challenging and complex task involving many phases with different type ...Read More